Reliable We have more than 20 years of experience in
Terminal Development, Rail Transportation
Management and Logistics Services.
We provide Rail Transportation Management in
Canada, USA and Mexico, having relationship
with the main rail companies in North America.
Online Tool BarrelCommand™ is a cloud-based
program that allows our customers the ability
to remotely view their railcar fleet and
product en route and on site.

CRU Logistics LLC founded more than two decades ago, provides a turnkey solution for the rail transportation of petroleum products.

Our experience in high volume operations has enabled us to gain a deep understanding of the logistics process including moving more than 100,000 carloads in Mexico as well as the tracking a fleet of more than 1,500 tank cars across North America.
Active railcar fleet

Active railcar fleet

Million barrels moved

Million barrels moved

Terminals we work with

Terminals we work with

KCSM2011 Kansas City Southern “Preventing Greenhouse Gases Recognition”
2015 Kansas City Southern “HazMat Shipper Safety Award”

Product Transportation

CRU Logistics coordinates the transportation and movement of the product from the loading point (origin) to its discharge terminal (destination). Our staff is in contact with all the entities involved in the movement of the product in order to guarantee the most efficient logistics operation.

In addition, we provide rail transportation strategies, fleet and inventory management that helps our customers in their supply chain and operations.

DOT Certification
Personnel certified to ship and transport hazardous materials by the United States Department of Transportation.

HM Company ID: 314793

Online Logistic Information System

CRU Logistics offers an accessible online system designed for constant monitoring of the operation. The system can provide the following information:

  • Rail car Tracing
  • Cycle analysis (duration / progress)
  • Loaded volumes
  • Product specifications
  • Documents related to the operation
  • Fleet status
  • Customized reports
  • Historic information
  • Custom Emails Reports and Dashboards

Cloud Based/No Software Needed


  • View rail assets and inventory in transit
  • Manage railcar maintenance and repairs
  • Reduce demurrage and storage charges
  • Optimize rail fleet performance


  • Manage location, status, and storage of rail equipment
  • Track rail cars in transit and ETA’s to improve workflow scheduling
  • Use cycle time records to analyze terminal and carrier performance.

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